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7 months ago

Sunglasses,behind you is an active permit in the sunshine,good free.In fact,sunglasses,sunlight resist

No matter,regardless,people with opportunity,SunglassesSunglassesAlso,inevitably cause fatigue and eye muscle tension,sunglasses to increase the burden of eye coordination,visual loss,blurred vision,in the evening even if you wear the case of severe,and in the movie and in the evening sunlight of strength,TV,symptoms such as dizziness.Perfect babies and children for the development of the visual system is not should not wear sunglasses.In addition to the glass sunglasses,wear of clarity not high wear of other sunglasses lens material,when it should be replaced,user should always pay attention to the sunglasses of the surface.Benefits sunglassesSunglasses,behind you is an active permit in the sunshine,good free.In fact,sunglasses,sunlight resist,because it does not allow you to stop the pollution damage,so that the face is not Oh embarrassment,carefully caution should be exercised.Maintenance methods,such as sunglasses general maintenance,cleaning,collapse glasses,storage must be a habit.However,sunglasses and accidentally wound is often Tuotuo orange,there are some small details in order to do so to remind you.Deposited contaminated sunglasses,it is easy to scratch damage,please do not use nails to pull surface.Many people easily movement of the head when it was able to do a lot in order to avoid the body salmon and crash,neck or pocket,please do not wear sunglasses when you hang up the range.Or is placed in a bag that do not have someone,after you still hard glasses case,then placed may be because in the bag,the lens is key,comb,wear copper and other small things,or a lipstick and other cosmetics It is caught,and then run collision sharp ones.Family wearing glasses driving the sun,in many cases,is a useful dashboard or on a very bad habit sheet,do not wear that has been placed in the top,hot weather and then firing the sunglasses prototype,especially plastic frame is not particularly so,preferably will have to the collection in the glass box that has been stopped,or placement.
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7 months ago

⑻ dark green lens: wear while so as not to wear

Yellow Lens ⑹: Strictly speaking because it does not substantially reduce the visible light,such a lens is not in sunglasses,fog and dusk,yellow lenses,improve the contrast,in order to provide a more accurate picture ,it is also known has bends over as night.The proportion of young people wearing a yellow lens "sunglasses" as a decorative use.⑺ light blue,light pink,and other lens: the same decorative and practical lens.⑻ dark green lens: wear while so as not to wear,but bring the absorption cooling sensation of heat,low light transmittance and transparency in operation for the sun.⑼ Blue Lens: Seaside beach play You can be wearing a blue lens,but to remove the reflection of effectively light blue blue sea and sky.Because it will be our confusion color traffic signal,blue lens drive should be avoided.4 optional items For one,the human body has the instinct of self-preservation,the eyes of the encounter is lit,the pupil is connected naturally,performs mydriasis,and small glasses entering the eye without once of UV protection,less energy ultraviolet light,the effect of made you kind of glasses ultraviolet light and,then,in spite of the ultraviolet light in the eyes of the victims,equal eyes wide open door,you can imagine.The bad so,to increase the pupil,as well as a serious deterioration in the transmittance of the lens,it is not possible to block UV sunglasses,lens while now many of ultraviolet light to goal,add a layer of special coating 2.Sunglasses for the eye of the damage that can be used to block ultraviolet light.In addition,poor lens quality also,make nausea,forgetfulness,other symptoms of insomnia and visual fatigue.
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7 months ago

This area is a good idea even taste.More of tortoiseshell might

The frame is a little thin,but not so much as feel uncomfortable.Sense of the size of this area is exactly as described above.To fit the face of the difficult Japanese has been properly designed.Furthermore its functionality and is not considered from this price."UV cut" feature called UV 99% cut is,of course,also are guaranteed the effect of reducing the blue light emitted from such PC.Not only cheaper form is referred to as a good,functional pat.Truly is Uniqlo.Cospa is the strongest.This time UNIQLO has released the sunglasses of various forms,but recommend this model one-choice.Also size also design it is best to become a million people.Also deployed dark brown color,in addition to the black tortoiseshell Fu.This area is a good idea even taste.More of tortoiseshell might somewhat summery industry people like atmosphere.The no doubt it is black,but those who want to add a little twist is OK even in dark brown.Clothes is also so even small,but one that was made for the Japanese suits best to the Japanese.Would have made the struggle to become a million people UNIQLO of sunglasses,this is the one pushing this year.Who had a yearning vague also Why not this summer try sunglasses debut? 1620 yen even as it failed.Comedy duo? Ninety - nine of Okamura Takashi is the 25th,a comedian of popular young duo "8.6 seconds bazooka",was to appear in its own Instagram a group photo of the "Bambino".Okamura Comments and "8.6 Vino".Very happy feeling of the young entertainer four people riding in the glue comes through.From followers who,"A fun more than anything."
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7 months ago

New York subway map,floral,way fur Luo creative design has been subjecte

It should be noted that the deadline at that point if the only event participation? For more information on entering the Ray-Ban official HP to access (name and email address of the following invitation has reached the capacity is available.Applicants)."Ray-Ban Rare Prints Summer collection" saleBeyond the world of color of eyewear,and depressed in a new area of ??print,a very unique collection among the Ray-Ban "Rare Prints (rare print)",further full of personality and chestnutModel wearing a print of Eitibu design will be released.Plus the innovative ideas to cult Wayfarer? Sunglasses Ray-BanIt appeared in 2010 spring-summer collection of Ray-Ban,the New York subway map,floral,way fur Luo creative design has been subjected to a unique on the inside,such as colorful novel stripeAlthough over the stole the topic,by this "Rare Prints (rare print)",wayfarer was suddenly attracting attention as a source of the trend.This unique print,of 80s pop culture,movies,inspired by such fashion,while sublime model of the legendary pop,feel the power of the '80s.Add of this summer"button? pin" and "comic" in the rare print? series,which is also,pop culture,movies,which was renewed trend of advertising as a top fashion of 2010-2011 years.There are a variety of bright color versions of "Comic",face part are summarized in monochrome retro atmosphere.In addition,colorful pin has been printed "button? Pin" is,RB2140 has become a unique finish that incorporates the imaginative design and vivid color to the model."Stripe" is July,"Comic","button? Pin","color? Towaiaru" is expected to be released in the country of eyewear specialty stores from August.Price has become a 23,100 yen to 26,250 yen.
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7 months ago

Quality sunglasses,as people feel comfortable,the other

As with direct light,strong reflected light,will be that it is difficult details to appear in perception or object.Snow,water,glass,It is a white sand is a good reflective surface.Diffused light - After repelling the scattered light is directed in multiple directions,so diffusing light,the light does not seem to this particular source such.A typical example is the diffused light shine on top of the city.We are,it is difficult to determine a single source.In the absence of direct light,we can see something,which is a credit for diffusing light.Quality sunglasses,as people feel comfortable,the other (depending on the reflecting surface),it is possible to eliminate or reduce the reflected light,reduce the direct light,and can be eliminated UV spectra.An interesting feature is the polarization of the light.When the light is reflected from a particular surface,such as water,light is polarized.Polarization characteristics of the reflected light,polarized sunglasses,of the light-reflecting surface,can remove the reflections from such water.Staining lensSunglass lenses colored lens determines it is possible to absorb some of the light in the spectrum.The manufacturer uses different colors to produce a certain efficiencySunglassesSunglassesFruit.1,gray,while reducing the distortion of minimal color,good general color is brightness.Gray lens is driven and is ideal for general use,it will provide glare protection.While other frequencies to allow more light through the lens,2,golden and blue of the lens can be reduced.Blue light,it is possible to bounce a lot of dispersion can be obtained glare effect called blue haze.All objects,as will be bright and vivid display,in fact,the yellow is given,will be able to eliminate the blue portion of the spectrum.Anti-snow blindness generally,the reason for the yellow sunglasses is for this.
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7 months ago

RAYBAN,cloth lens cloth lens than the average size of a little short

This is a car window film industry for the first mass start of CCTV of brand advertising,it is followed in 2006 after the second landing CCTV,it is Le Pen insulating film.5 Identification of common sense I and Ray-Ban real that I do not think a large difference imitations,Italian version: Made in ItalyItalian version: Made in ItalyCase and instructions glasses people,including whether it is difficult to find the difference between genuine imitation,unless you carefully observed if genuine and imitation products together,is like a very imitation.[3]Mirror boxGenuine mirror box,relatively fine crafted,leather is very thick,all of the mirror box all places,in the words that have been made in Romania,which was wrapped in cloth,inside of the box,and artificial plastic,no imitation leather products such as texture,completely flannel package has two layers are not used,the plastic is used to hold the pure hard design,and of the mirror box of the pen holder 1 layer is a part,of rigid plastic that are not wrapped with a cloth.Lens clothYellow cloth only word of imitations of the lens,is a blue RAYBAN,cloth of the lens is a real silver,logo of red RAYBAN,cloth lens cloth lens than the average size of a little short.LensWords in imitation of the lens "RB" anti-counterfeit laser engraved,close to the edge of genuine laser anti-counterfeit lens,a very thin,because it has the logo of white label "RAYBAN",it is,to tell me than you should be almost hard real and imitation if a counterfeit product problem,there is no big difference in the other.ModelThe left frame,Le Penpao designed to fit the width of the face model is "RB 3026" Another "RB 3025".The introduction of the 6 models Ray-Ban sunglasses of Bausch & Lomb,as well as 30 different styles,has generated a steady stream of the introduction of new varieties.These models can be divided into three categories.1,sport sunglassesIn addition to functioning as a sport,sport sunglasses,mainly masculine athlete,physical health,response temperament.
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8 months ago

Please look for the glasses come was in yourself!

Is the total frame PD? Is known.And it usually,PD when (pupillary distance) and the error of the frame PD is within each right and left 2mm,as generally suitable glasses.This time,in the view that the size of the glasses,I have to tell!Please look for the glasses come was in yourself! ! And quality elaborate best craftsmanship Japan,simple design was a "phosphorus".Frame with practicality and sense of fun and functionality that does not end in it only.Such as business or private,it can be used regardless of the scene,especially the prime of life of the brand,which gained great popularity in men,will introduce the JAPONISM (Japonisme)!The JAPONISM (Japonisme)?JAPONISM (Japonisme) was launched Ltd BOSTON CLUB,is the glasses was a "function has been included in the natural shape frame" concept.The brand name comes from,at the end of the 19th century Japanese art and Western art,Western fashion,such as the impact gave movement from the "Japonisme" to.Glasses of locality that Japan is proud of in the world,are made by the hands of Fukui Prefecture Sabae craftsmen.1996,in order to introduce the glasses incorporating the Japanese beauty and world-class production technology,which boasts the world in the world,announced the JAPONISM (Japonisme) in IOFT.High-quality,simple,and presence of the frame itself.It drew attention to the practicality and functionality that does not end only in the design.It if flat many compared to the Asian features are Western people,makes it easier glasses slipping in import frame for eyebrows is flat low.In the case of women,and also be referred lashes painted mascara ...Nante hit the lens.JAPONISM (Japonisme) is to study the shape of the Japanese face,such as the nose pad of the original production,fit the face of the Japanese by applying a delicate mechanism supple wearing comfort are achieved.
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